1.1 Course Presentation

How The Course Works
This course is a healthy mix of ideas and actionable steps. Aside from providing the philosophical framework to increase your revenue from sales, each lecture drills down to cover in detail the 12 Steps of Sales.

About The Course
This course, as all of our courses, is available 24/7/365 from anywhere there is an Internet connection. This allows you to study on your lunch break, at the library or at home. Whenever - Wherever!

All courses include LIFETIME access so you can always drop back in for a refresher.

We're committed to providing the best online learning experience! If you experience an issue, contact us we'll be happy to help.

We're building a community of creative, like-minded people. That's why you'll be able to interact and talk with other people taking the course. And, as a Free bonus, you can join our private Facebook Community, where present and past attendees gather.

After having presented classes, seminars and workshops worldwide for over three decades, most of our attendees are not native English speakers. Thus the text is easily translatable into more than 80 languages using the online translator at https://translate.google.com/ online.

This is also an excellent way for business owners to share the information with non-English speaking staff members.

Sections and Lectures
The courses are presented using Sections and Lectures that can be seen to the left of this page. Sections are used to group the lectures into easily digestible amounts of information related to a subject. Lectures are individual learning modules that cover a single topic. The lectures contain written text, and may also have illustrations, photos, audio, video, downloadable files, and quizzes, as needed to present the information in the lesson.

At the end of each lesson, you will note that there is a discussion section for your questions and feedback. This is an excellent way of interacting with the instructor and other course attendees.

Our courses exist because of attendees feedback, in which they provide us ideas on what courses they would like to see presented. If you have an idea for a future course, then by all means give us your feedback and we will consider adding it to the school.

Are You Ready?
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